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Brain Tumor Awareness Month aims at bringing together the brain tumor community to help raise awareness and shine a light on a patient population that is often overlooked.
In this year's World Edition of The International Brain Tumour Alliance's Brain Tumour magazine, Dr. Nader Sanai explains the barriers faced by researchers when it comes to treating aggressive brain tumors and how the Ivy Center is tackling those challenges by re-thinking drug discovery with Phase 0 clinical trials.
Ivy Center Chief Operating Officer, Shwetal Mehta Ph.D., and Head for the Cure's executive director, Jenna Heilman teamed up on Instagram Live for the second episode in our #BrainTumorTalk series. Check out the replay here.
Ivy Center nurse navigator Jacki Garcia, and founder and president of Gray Matters Foundation, Lanette Veres teamed up on Instagram Live for the first episode in our #BrainTumorTalk series to discuss support and resources relevant to patients and caregivers.
Even as someone whose resilient spirit had been the hallmark of their public image, Senator John McCain was sadly no match for glioblastoma. On the second anniversary of his passing, we honor McCain's legacy by continuing to push for increased awareness and support for research so others can have a fighting chance at this deadly disease.
Randy Cordova, a long-time local entertainment journalist, details his personal journey with glioblastoma from diagnosis to finding his new normal.
Glioblastoma Awareness Day (GBM Day) is dedicated to increasing public awareness of glioblastoma, the most common and aggressive form of brain cancer.
While the world is facing a global pandemic and adjusting to the new normal, brain cancer patients are going through...
Now more than ever, staying healthy at home is a top priority for everyone and even more so for patients with malignant brain tumors . One way to stay healthy is to show our bodies love and nourishment with healthy, grounding foods that can help support immune function.
As hospitals across the country postpone elective procedures to increase the capacity for COVID-19 patients, there is understandably a lot...