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Glioblastoma Patient Story: UK Mother Finds Hope in Arizona at Ivy Brain Tumor Center
In December 2019, Louise Hulme, a mother of two living in the United Kingdom, was diagnosed with glioblastoma. Like many of us, Louise spent a majority of the following year in lockdown due to COVID-19; however, what Louise did with her time was something very unique.
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A 1,500-Mile Journey to Ivy Brain Tumor Center
Ryan Masales, a Canadian police officer, was diagnosed with an aggressive stage 4 brain tumor, known as glioblastoma. After exhausting all conventional treatments in Canada, Ryan and his wife, Estelize began seeking other options. It was through their research that they found the Ivy Brain Tumor Center and began their 1,500 mile journey from Canada to Arizona to enroll in a unique Ivy Phase 0 clinical trial.
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Westy’s Wish: An Open Letter from the Wife of NBA Hall of Famer, Paul Westphal
In honor of Brain Tumor Awareness Month, Cindy Westphal, wife of basketball Hall of Famer, Paul Westphal, recalls her husband's journey with glioblastoma and asks for your support of the Ivy Brain Tumor Center's mission to contribute to a cure for brain cancer within this decade.
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Clinician Couple Finds Themselves Faced with an Unimaginable Diagnosis
When Patricia's glioblastoma came back after her first surgery, both she and her husband knew it was time to start looking at alternative treatment options. After extensive research, they discovered the hope they were looking for was actually right in their backyard at the Ivy Center in Phoenix.
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It’s Personal: Terra Ybarra
For Terra, a research nurse at the Ivy Center, brain cancer became all too personal after learning that her brother-in-law was diagnosed with glioblastoma.
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It’s Personal: Dr. Zaman Mirzadeh
It was in the middle of his residency at Barrow Neurological Institute when Dr. Zaman Mirzadeh found out that his mother was diagnosed with glioblastoma. Looking back now, Dr. Mirzadeh recalls the pain from that experience and the invaluable life lesson his mother left him with which he continues to apply to his work at Barrow and the Ivy Center.
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International Glioblastoma Patient Celebrates 10 Years of Survivorship
With a median survival rate of just 15 months, Mario Correa shares his story on how he has continued to beat the odds in his fight against brain cancer.
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It’s Personal: Dr. Michael T. Lawton
For Barrow Neurological Institute President and CEO, Michael T. Lawton, MD, his work in the neurological field became deeply personal 13 years ago.
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