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Ryan Masales, a Canadian police officer, was diagnosed with an aggressive stage 4 brain tumor, known as glioblastoma. After exhausting all conventional treatments in Canada, Ryan and his wife, Estelize began seeking other options. It was through their research that they found the Ivy Brain Tumor Center and began their 1,500 mile journey from Canada to Arizona to enroll in a unique Ivy Phase 0 clinical trial.
Dr. Nader Sanai is an internationally recognized neurosurgical oncologist, but his experience with brain cancer doesn't date back to the start of his career. It began at a young age when his Aunt Zhilla was diagnosed with glioblastoma. Years later, Dr. Sanai found himself inspired to follow a similar path of the neurosurgeon who cared for his aunt.
In honor of Brain Tumor Awareness Month, Cindy Westphal, wife of basketball Hall of Famer, Paul Westphal, recalls her husband's journey with glioblastoma and asks for your support of the Ivy Brain Tumor Center's mission to contribute to a cure for brain cancer within this decade.
As a research nurse clinician, Mindy serves as an advocate for our patients and their families. Through her expertise in the Phase 0 clinical trial process, she is able to provide education and support based on an individual's needs.
As a research technician in our Preclinical Lab, Connor White plays an important role in ensuring that only new promising targets with excellent brain penetration properties move into our Phase 0 trials.
“GBM is a disease that is very, very aggressive and very difficult for patients and their families to deal with,...
Brain Tumor Awareness Month aims at bringing together the brain tumor community to help raise awareness and shine a light on a patient population that is often overlooked.
As a research technician, Jennifer Molloy plays a fundamental role in the Ivy Center's pharmacodynamic lab. With her background in biological sciences and experience as a research intern at the University of Arizona, Jen assists in the facilitation of collection and analysis of tissue for our Phase 0 clinical trials. Jen's passion for science and research makes her a invaluable asset for the Ivy Center team.
World-renowned neurosurgeon, Dr. Robert F. Spetzler, recalls his sister-in-law's diagnosis with glioblastoma and the personal connections that guided him through his career.
Artak Tovmasyan, PharmD, PhD, joined our team two years ago from Duke University with an extensive background in pharmaceutical chemistry making him a fierce asset to the Ivy Center's Phase 0 clinical trials program. As the director of the Ivy Center's Pharmacokinetics core, Dr. Tovmasyan is leading his laboratory in providing data to enable the most efficient treatment regimens for brain tumor patients.