Brain Tumor Clinical Trials

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The Significance of Brain Tumor Research and Clinical Trials

At the Ivy Brain Tumor Center, our commitment to innovative research and patient care drives us to explore new frontiers in brain tumor treatment. Clinical trials play a pivotal role in advancing our understanding of brain tumors and developing novel therapies that can make a significant impact on patient outcomes.

Brain tumor clinical trials serve as crucial platforms for testing new treatments, interventions and diagnostic tools. These trials enable researchers to evaluate the effectiveness, safety and tolerability of innovative therapies, with the ultimate goal of improving patient survival rates and quality of life. By participating in clinical trials, patients gain access to cutting-edge treatments that may not yet be widely available, giving them hope and the potential for more favorable outcomes.

What is a clinical trial?

Clinical trials test new drugs, equipment, surgical techniques and treatments that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has yet to approve. Clinical trials may also test a new drug with standard treatment that is already FDA-approved for use in other cancers.

Brain tumors vary widely in their genetic makeup, making them challenging to treat. A treatment that works for one patient’s brain tumor, may not work for another’s. This makes clinical trials critically important for brain tumor patients who often find themselves out of options after receiving the standard of care. Learn about the four conventional phases of clinical trials:

Committed to Advancing Brain Tumor Clinical Trials

Exploring treatment options following a brain tumor diagnosis can be overwhelming. At the Ivy Center, we have an extensive portfolio of brain tumor clinical trials that cover a wide spectrum of tumor classifications and treatment modalities, including drugs, devices, surgical interventions and non-surgical options. Each trial has its distinct enrollment criteria, allowing us to accommodate the diverse needs and situations of our patients.

Our brain tumor clinical trials are designed with a singular goal – to discover a breakthrough in brain cancer treatment. As the world’s largest Phase 0 clinical trials program, we are pioneering a novel approach: accelerated, early-phase clinical trials that quickly identify drugs that deliver on their promise while rapidly eliminating those that do not.

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Am I eligible for a brain tumor clinical trial?

If you are interested in learning whether you or a loved one may qualify, we encourage you to submit a free trial screening request or call 602-406-8605. An Ivy Navigator will get back to you within two business days to complete the initial assessment.

Find A Clinical Trial

The Ivy Brain Tumor Center offers patients a robust portfolio of clinical trials, including the world’s largest collection of Phase 0 studies. Find hope in cutting-edge research and groundbreaking therapies for brain tumors, ranging from low-grade to the most aggressive.

Who You’ll Meet


Ivy Navigator

No one should have to cope with a brain cancer diagnosis alone. Our knowledgeable Ivy Navigators serve as guides and advocates, helping patients and their families navigate the complex journey of diagnosis, treatment and recovery. They will be with you through every step of the trial screening process and can help with the following:

  • Referrals for free or discounted patient lodging and transportation
  • Obtaining medical records from Barrow Brain and Spine or the hospital
  • Retrieving external medical records and MRI/CT scan images
  • Providing information on future Ivy trials

To reach an Ivy Navigator, please call (602) 406-8605 or email [email protected].


Nurse Navigator

One of the hallmarks of the Ivy Center is the personalized and compassionate care provided by our nurse navigators. Throughout the diagnosis and treatment journey, our nurse navigators provide support, advocacy and access to resources for brain tumor patients and families. They work closely alongside physicians, social workers and other members of your care team to craft individualized care plans.


Practice Coordinator

The practice coordinator handles all scheduling and works with patients and their caregivers to develop an itinerary of clinic appointments, surgery, drug start date and more. For patients coming to us from outside of the Phoenix area, the practice coordinator may assist with travel arrangements as needed to ensure each patient’s journey is as smooth as possible.


Clinical Research Nurse

Each time you visit the Ivy Center, you will meet with one of our clinical research nurses. They are your main point of contact throughout the Phase 0 clinical trials process, and most importantly, they serve as your advocate.



Within our specialized team, neuro-oncologists leverage extensive scientific and clinical data to tailor personalized treatment strategies for patients. They meticulously assess each case, considering various factors such as tumor type, stage and patient health, to determine the most effective course of action.

What to Expect

Patients who meet the criteria determined by their clinical history, demographics and tumor genetics are welcomed for an in-person consultation. During this meeting, our brain tumor patient navigators guide them through the process of planning for the clinical trial.


Tumor Genetic Analysis

If you consent to participate in an Ivy Phase 0 clinical trial, the next step is to test available tumor tissue to see if it meets specific genetic criteria. Generally speaking, the genetic testing for each study takes 10 days. If eligible, the research team will coordinate with the surgical team to create your visit schedule. The number of visits will vary between trials. Our team will make sure you are aware of what is to be expected and when.


Out-of-State or International Patients

If you are coming to us from outside the Phoenix area to participate in a clinical trial, your length of stay will depend on your unique circumstances and treatment plan. Patients and families may need to stay for several days on the first visit and up to six weeks if the patient advances to an expansion phase of the study. Be sure to check out Planning for Your Visit for information on lodging and transportation.


Costs Involved in Participation

As part of a clinical trial at the Ivy Brain Tumor Center, the study drugs will be provided free of charge; however, the patient and/or their health plan/insurance company will be responsible for some or all of the costs of treating the tumor in the study, including any standard medical care, such as surgical resection. We encourage all patients to ask their study doctor to discuss the costs that will or will not be covered by the study, including who will pay the costs of treating possible side effects.


Clinical Trial Patient Safety

Clinical trials in the United States are approved and monitored by an Institutional Review Board (IRB) which ensures that any risks are minimal when compared to potential benefits. This is an independent committee responsible for ensuring the ethics and rights of participants are protected.


Patient Participation

Your involvement is completely voluntary, and helps researchers uncover better ways to treat, prevent, diagnose and understand brain tumors. You may or may not directly benefit from participating in the study; however, the information gained from this study will help other people in the future.

People choose to participate in clinical trials for a variety of reasons:

  • To try a new and promising treatment method
  • To contribute to the development of future treatments
  • To help find a cure for a specific disease or illness

Each patient’s circumstances are inherently different, but our treatment philosophy emphasizes transparency and a commitment to investigate every possible avenue for experimental therapy. While there are many facilities offering brain tumor clinical trial options across the United States, the protocols and experimental therapies in our clinical trials program are only available at the Ivy Brain Tumor Center and our clinical affiliates.

A patient can withdraw from a clinical trial at any time by notifying the study staff. If a patient decides to leave a study, they will not be penalized or lose any benefits in their clinical care

Hear From Our Clinical Trial Patients


Jenn Ortiz

“When given an opportunity to participate in a clinical trial at the Ivy Brain Tumor Center – take it! Experimental clinical trials provide information that will eventually lead to a cure, and most importantly, they give HOPE!”

– Jenn Ortiz, Living with Glioblastoma Since 2020

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Nick Stump

Nick Stump

“I am extremely grateful for my care team at the Ivy Brain Tumor Center. I have nothing but positive things to say. Their innovative and personalized clinical trial approach gives me confidence knowing the drug I’m taking is working and just for me.”

– Nick Stump, Living with Grade 3 Meningioma Since 2015

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