Lab Certifications

CLIA Certified and CAP Accredited

The CLIA certification and CAP accreditation is a rigorous process focused on making sure the lab can produce results that are accurate, reliable, reproducible – ultimately, our reported test results can be trusted because everything has been vigorously tested, validated, and every minute detail from the room temperature to the chemical lots to the serial numbers of our machines, have been recorded for each patient sample tested.

The goal of the CLIA certification and CAP accreditation process is to better serve the patients, by ensuring our test results are exceeding industry standards for clinical laboratory testing.

IACUC-Approved Protocols

The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) is a governing board that monitors the Ivy Brain Tumor Center’s animal care and use program. All Ivy Center labs adhere to IACUC standards. This means the mice used in our preclinical research have the best standard of care for research animals, and they don’t suffer unnecessarily for our research. Everything is done humanely and our study protocols are designed to minimize their pain and suffering.

IBC-Approved Protocols

The Institutional Biosafety Committee is responsible for assessing the biosafety containment level for research involving recombinant DNA and synthetic nucleic acid molecules, human-derived tissues, fluids, cells and any infectious agents at the Ivy Brain Tumor Center. All Ivy Center labs adhere to the appropriate biosafety containment level and implement safety precautions that are essential for mitigating exposure to potentially hazardous biologics.