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As a research technician, Jennifer Molloy plays a fundamental role in the Ivy Center's pharmacodynamic lab. With her background in biological sciences and experience as a research intern at the University of Arizona, Jen assists in the facilitation of collection and analysis of tissue for our Phase 0 clinical trials. Jen's passion for science and research makes her a invaluable asset for the Ivy Center team.
World-renowned neurosurgeon, Dr. Robert F. Spetzler, recalls his sister-in-law's diagnosis with glioblastoma and the personal connections that guided him through his career.
Artak Tovmasyan, PharmD, PhD, joined our team two years ago from Duke University with an extensive background in pharmaceutical chemistry making him a fierce asset to the Ivy Center's Phase 0 clinical trials program. As the director of the Ivy Center's Pharmacokinetics core, Dr. Tovmasyan is leading his laboratory in providing data to enable the most efficient treatment regimens for brain tumor patients.
As a neurosurgical resident, Charuta is paving the way for women in her field. At the age of seven, Charuta’s mother was diagnosed with a glioma. Since that moment, Charuta has committed her life to helping others who have been diagnosed with brain cancer.
As an Ivy Navigator, Lynnea is a Phase 0 patient's first point of contact when they begin the initial process of enrolling in a study. Patients are guided by her as she helps to explain next steps and ease their stress as they prepare to meet the rest of their treatment team. Learn more about Lynnea and how she landed at the Ivy Center.
As a nurse navigator, Jacki provides patients and families comfort, information and resources in a difficult time. Her role at the Ivy Center utilizes her caring nature and expertise in research to help patients on the frontline of their battle with brain cancer.
Barbara Hopkin's background in science has made her a great addition to the Ivy team. As a Postdoctoral Fellow, Barbara shares a few insights about working in the lab and her motivations to help others.
As a research nurse clinician, Kristin guides her patients and their families through every part of the Ivy Phase 0 clinical trial. Her role at the Ivy Center combines her interest in research with her strong desire to help others when and where it is needed most.
Learn about our Research Nurse Clinician, Terra Ybarra and what motivated her to get into the field.
Job Title: Research TechnicianHometown: Minnetrista, Minnesota What made you want to work for the Ivy Brain Tumor Center? When I...