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Brain Tumor Talk Ep. 2: Enhancing Brain Tumor Treatment with Clinical Trials: Guest: Dr. Yoshie Umemura
Join us on "Brain Tumor Talk" as we sit down with Dr. Yoshie Umemura, Chief Medical Officer at the Ivy Brain Tumor Center, to dive into the complexities of brain tumor treatments. Dr. Umemura shares her expert insights on everything from the current standard of care and various chemotherapy protocols to the potential life-changing impact of clinical trials.
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Brain Tumor Talk Ep. 1: Brain Tumor Basics with Guest Dr. Nader Sanai
Discover the complexities of brain tumors in the debut episode of Brain Tumor Talk with Dr. Nader Sanai from the Ivy Brain Tumor Center at Barrow Neurological Institute. Explore types, symptoms, and cutting-edge treatments for one of the most challenging cancers. Essential listening for patients, caregivers, and healthcare enthusiasts.
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