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Ivy Center Chief Operating Officer, Shwetal Mehta Ph.D., and Head for the Cure's executive director, Jenna Heilman teamed up on Instagram Live for the second episode in our #BrainTumorTalk series. Check out the replay here.
With a median survival rate of just 15 months, Mario Correa shares his story on how he has continued to beat the odds in his fight against brain cancer.
There are a variety of misconceptions when it comes to palliative care. Belinda Ordonez, is here to debunk the 10 most common myths and provide the truth behind each one.
As a nurse navigator, Jacki provides patients and families comfort, information and resources in a difficult time. Her role at the Ivy Center utilizes her caring nature and expertise in research to help patients on the frontline of their battle with brain cancer.
Ivy Center nurse navigator Jacki Garcia, and founder and president of Gray Matters Foundation, Lanette Veres teamed up on Instagram Live for the first episode in our #BrainTumorTalk series to discuss support and resources relevant to patients and caregivers.
For Barrow Neurological Institute President and CEO, Michael T. Lawton, MD, his work in the neurological field became deeply personal 13 years ago.
Barbara Hopkin's background in science has made her a great addition to the Ivy team. As a Postdoctoral Fellow, Barbara shares a few insights about working in the lab and her motivations to help others.
Even as someone whose resilient spirit had been the hallmark of their public image, Senator John McCain was sadly no match for glioblastoma. On the second anniversary of his passing, we honor McCain's legacy by continuing to push for increased awareness and support for research so others can have a fighting chance at this deadly disease.
As a research nurse clinician, Kristin guides her patients and their families through every part of the Ivy Phase 0 clinical trial. Her role at the Ivy Center combines her interest in research with her strong desire to help others when and where it is needed most.
Twelve years after her diagnosis, Dr. Kelly Braun, a neuro-oncologist at the Ivy Brain Tumor Center, shares her personal story of overcoming a meningioma and how it has impacted her life and inspired her career.