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#BrainTumorTalk: Episode 1 Replay – Support for Patients and Caregivers
Ivy Center nurse navigator Jacki Garcia, and founder and president of Gray Matters Foundation, Lanette Veres teamed up on Instagram Live for the first episode in our #BrainTumorTalk series to discuss support and resources relevant to patients and caregivers.
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This is me: a patient’s journey to a GBM diagnosis
Randy Cordova, a long-time local entertainment journalist, details his personal journey with glioblastoma from diagnosis to finding his new normal.
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The Brain Tumor Community’s Unique Perspective During COVID-19
While the world is facing a global pandemic and adjusting to the new normal, brain cancer patients are going through...
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Immune-Boosting Foods For Brain Tumor Patients
Now more than ever, staying healthy at home is a top priority for everyone and even more so for patients with malignant brain tumors . One way to stay healthy is to show our bodies love and nourishment with healthy, grounding foods that can help support immune function.
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The Impact of COVID-19 on Brain Tumor Research
Discover how COVID-19 has affected brain tumor research in this article from Ivy Brain Tumor Center. Learn about the challenges and potential solutions.
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A GBM Diagnosis and Journey to Barrow
My husband Ian is a planner. So much so, that we joke about how thoroughly he contemplates every option and...
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In The War Against Brain Cancer, Accelerated Clinical Trials Are A Crucial Strategy
More than 1.4 million people live with malignant brain tumors. Glioblastoma – the cancer that killed Senators John McCain and...
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Your Complete Guide to Primary Brain Tumors
Tumors that start growing in the brain are primary brain tumors and generally will not travel to other parts of...
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