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The Best of Brain Tumor Podcasts

Podcasts are changing the way we consume information. They can offer easily accessible, reliable information on any topic whenever you need it. Podcasts are a powerful tool for brain tumor patients and their families. Listeners get to hear directly from experts on the latest research and treatment. Patient stories connect listeners to others walking the same path, offering hope and showing them they are not alone on their journey. 

Here’s the Ivy Center’s curated collection of must-listen brain tumor podcasts. 

Top Brain Tumor Podcasts

Brain Tumor Talk

Check out the Ivy Brain Tumor Center’s very own podcast, Brain Tumor Talk. Hosted by Ivy team member Michelle Palacino, whose understanding of brain tumors comes from her professional insights as well as her personal experience as the daughter of a brain cancer patient. Hear from leading experts, compassionate caregivers and courageous survivors on the latest in research and treatment and the power of resiliency when faced with a brain tumor. The episodes are full of valuable knowledge and useful information. Listen in for meaningful conversations and personal stories from those overcoming this devastating diagnosis. 

Rare Enough

Michelle can also be heard on Rare Enough, a podcast by the Head for the Cure Foundation. On episode six, Michelle and host DJ Stewart trade stories of their personal experiences with glioblastoma. DJ, a glioblastoma survivor, invites guests who are “rare enough” on the podcast. Their stories of resilience and strength, and DJ’s vulnerability, are inspirational.

The Game On Glio Podcast

Hosted by Shannon Traphagen, Game on Glio is in its fourth season. It offers a variety of episodes on education, advocacy and the real stories of those impacted by brain cancer. Shannon created the podcast in memory of her late husband and focuses on helping those experiencing grief and loss. Each week a new episode drops.

Let’s Talk About Brain Tumours!

Let’s Talk About Brain Tumours! is a podcast brought to you by The Brain Tumour Charity in the UK. This podcast offers dozens of episodes on a wide variety of topics such as the different types of chemotherapy and radiation and how to prepare for the death of a loved one. The hosts, who each have their own personal brain tumor story, are using the platform to change the outcome for those diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Glioblastoma aka GBM

Now in its third season, The Glioblastoma aka GBM Podcast has one mission: to bring awareness to glioblastoma. Hosted by Amber Barbach, who lost her beloved father to glioblastoma, the podcast features compelling conversations with those personally impacted by the disease. We recommend the episode featuring Dr. Nader Sanai, director of the Ivy Center, and Catherine Ivy, president and founder of the Ben & Catherine Ivy Foundation. They discuss how the Ivy Center was created and its mission to find a cure for brain tumors.

A Brain Tumour and Me

The International Brain Tumour Alliance produces the podcast “A Brain Tumour and Me – a journey of inspiration, personal stories and hope.” The mission of the IBTA is to unite advocates around the world to collectively improve the well-being and quality of life for brain tumor patients and their families. Hear the personal stories of those on a brain tumor journey across the globe, like a neurosurgeon in Rwanda, a comedian in the UK and a singer in Norway. 

Enjoy exploring these podcasts as the inspirational stories come to life. Share your recommendations and favorite episodes by emailing us at [email protected].

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