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8 Apps For Your Mental and Physical Health

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has collectively had to shift our focus inward, both literally and figuratively.  

The goal to help #flattenthecurve can feel overwhelming and varies from situation to situation.  

While the vast majority of the world continues to live in uncertainty, we understand that brain tumor patients are having to navigate their own unique realities, emotions, health, careers, families and more.  

While every person will handle their day-to-day differently and situate into their “new normal,” the one area we seem to find the most common ground is the understanding that we simply cannot get through this alone. 

As such, our team of brain tumor experts have put together a list of apps that can help both your mental and physical health during this time.   

Remember, it is always a good idea to talk with your doctor before starting any exercise or diet plan. 

Mental & Physical Health Apps We Recommend: 

CDC. Stay up to date on what health officials are saying regarding the current status of the virus.  

While it’s important to remain informed, it’s also beneficial to limit the amount of unnecessary information and news disruption.  

CDC is a credible source for staying informed about the absolute necessary precautions and COVID-19 updates for your city, state and beyond.  

Calm. Calm is a highly-rated app known for its offerings of guided meditations, sleep aids, music, videos for gentle stretching, nature sounds and audio programs taught by world-renowned mindfulness experts.  

Now offering a free 7-day trial, it’s a great way to help you feel grounded and centered.  

Better Help. Better Help is an online support system which employs thousands of licensed therapists to help with a variety of matters including depression, anxiety, relationships, grief, and more, all from the comfort of your own home.  

You have the ability to communicate how you like, and get matched with a therapist who’s right for you.  

Insight Timer. Insight Timer is a free resource for guided meditations and relaxation techniques. With the ability to connect with over 14 million other Insight Timer users, this app helps you cope with anxiety and manage stress with over 40,000 guided meditations.  

They even have meditations for children. Track your progress with their daily meditation tracker and see who else is meditating across the globe at the very same time.  

Mindbody. Healthy exercise routines benefit our physical and emotional health, so it’s important to find the type of workout that best suits you.  

Mindbody is a great resource to discover all the online offerings from studios within your area. Plus, you are able to see which studios across the nation are also offering virtual workouts.  

Kitchen Stories. Kitchen Stories is a unique online resource for discovering new recipes, using ingredients that you probably already have on hand.  

With recipes ranging from how to make the perfect pizza dough, to 11 Pantry-Friendly Dinners, this recipe app is ideal now that we’re spending more time at home. 

Spotify. Spotify has been a must-have during this time. Whether it’s going for a walk while listening to a new podcast, or playing some relaxing jazz as we cook a healthy and nourishing meal for our families, we know there’s something on here for everyone.  

Words with Friends. Play solo, connect with people you know, or play with any of the other thousands of users.  

This Scrabble-like world-play game is a fun, virtual alternative to game night. Plus, it’s great for keeping your mind sharp. 

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