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2021 Year In Review

Reflecting on the Pursuit to Cure Brain Cancer

As we begin the new year, we would like to take a moment to reflect on some of the accomplishments at the Ivy Brain Tumor Center in 2021.

We launched three new early phase clinical trials with novel strategies/designs, including sonodynamic therapy, pamiparib and niraparib, with industry collaborators SonALAsense, BeiGene and GSK. Our team presented interim data from our studies at international meetings, such as ASCO, EANO, ESMO and SNO. Last year in a major announcement we revealed plans to build a new headquarters for the Ivy Center, and construction is already underway. This investment solidifies our commitment to finding a cure for brain cancer within the next decade.

Take a look at the Ivy Center’s year in review to learn more. We’re excited about all that’s coming in 2022 to help move the needle for brain cancer patients.

2021 Highlights

Dr. Robert F Spetzler
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It’s Personal: Dr. Robert F. Spetzler

World-renowned neurosurgeon, Dr. Robert F. Spetzler, recalls his sister-in-law’s diagnosis with glioblastoma and the personal connections that guided him through his career.

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Westy’s Wish: An Open Letter from the Wife of NBA Hall of Famer, Paul Westphal

In honor of Brain Tumor Awareness Month, Cindy Westphal, wife of basketball Hall of Famer, Paul Westphal, recalls her husband’s journey with glioblastoma and asks for your support of the Ivy Brain Tumor Center’s mission to contribute to a cure for brain cancer within this decade.

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Making a Difference on Glioblastoma Awareness Day 2023

Glioblastoma Awareness Day (GBM Day) is dedicated to increasing public awareness of glioblastoma brain cancer.

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