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Meet Our Team of Brain Tumor Experts

The multidisciplinary team at the Ivy Brain Tumor Center spans the entire spectrum of specialty investigators, including neuroscientists, molecular biologists, cell biologists, pharmacokinetics specialists, animal modeling experts, biostatisticians, neurosurgical oncologists, clinical neuro-oncologists, neuro-radiation oncologists, neuropathologists, neuroradiologists, neuroscience nurses, early-phase trial navigators, program managers, and regulatory specialists. Collectively, we represent the nation’s largest early-phase clinical trials team focusing exclusively on brain tumors. Each team member brings a different perspective and background, but our team works seamlessly to accomplish the same goal through cutting-edge brain cancer research and therapies.



Neuro-Radiation Oncology


Medical Oncology




Neuro-Oncology Nursing

Jaclyn Garcia, RN, CNRN Read Bio

Jacki Garcia, RN, CNRNNurse Navigator

Kendall Felix, RN Read Bio

Kendall Felix, RNNurse Navigator

Generic Woman Avatar Outline Read Bio

Linda Herrmann, RN, FAANP, PhDNurse Practitioner


Sarah Key Read Bio

Sarah KeySpeech Language Pathologist

Preclinical and Translational Science


Headshot of Sonam Patel Read Bio

Sonam Patel, PhDPostdoctoral Fellow

Gozde Uzunalli, PhD Read Bio

Gozde Uzunalli, PhDPostdoctoral Fellow

Headshot of Anilkumar Thaghalli Shivanna Read Bio

Anilkumar Thaghalli Shivanna, PhDPostdoctoral Fellow

Susan Histed, PhD Read Bio

Susan Histed, PhDPostdoctoral Fellow

Headshot of Keely Orndorff Read Bio

Keely OrndorffGraduate Student

James McNamara hexagon cutout Read Bio

James McNamaraResearch Technician

Elizabeth Hayes Read Bio

Elizabeth HayesResearch Technician


An-Chi Tien Read Bio

An-Chi Tien, PhDPharmacodynamics Core Leader

Headshot of Siddhi Desai Read Bio

Siddhi Desai, PhDPostdoctoral Fellow

Hualin Zhang, PhD Read Bio

Hualin Zhang, PhDPostdoctoral Fellow

Inad Rabadi Read Bio

Inad RabadiResearch Technician


Artak Tovmasyan Read Bio

Artak Tovmasyan, PhDPharmacokinetics Core Leader

Headshot of Tigran Margaryan Read Bio

Tigran Margaryan, PhDPostdoctoral Fellow

Vahuni Karapetyan, PhD Read Bio

Vahuni Karapetyan, PhDPostdoctoral Fellow

Headshot of William Knight Read Bio

William KnightResearch Technician


Cellular Metabolism

Headshot of Zaman Mirzadeh Read Bio

Zaman Mirzadeh, MD, PhDMetabolism Core Leader Neurosurgeon

Shilpa Kommaraju hexagon cutout Read Bio

Shilpa Kommaraju, PhDPostdoctoral Fellow

Headshot of Chelsea Faber Read Bio

Chelsea Faber, PhDPostdoctoral Fellow

Arati Sridharan, PhD Read Bio

Arati Sridharan, PhDResearch Engineer

Elaine Cabrales hexagon cutout Read Bio

Elaine CabralesResearch Technician


Clinical Operations

Jocelyn Harmon hexagon cutout Read Bio

Jocelyn HarmonClinical Operations Director

Amy Hong hexagon cutout Read Bio

Amy HongData Management Specialist

Generic Woman Avatar Outline Read Bio

Shannon KellyRegulatory Project Manager

Headshot of Jamie Sanders Read Bio

Jamie SandersProject Manager

Diana Maleyeva Read Bio

Diana MaleyevaProgram Manager

Headshot of Kristin Hendrickson Read Bio

Kristin HendricksonResearch Nurse

Deborah Mulholland Read Bio

Deborah MulhollandClinical Research Specialist

Ciara Avelina Lugo Read Bio

Ciara Avelina LugoClinical Research Specialist

Sarya Reid-Tate Read Bio

Sarya Reid-TateRegulatory Specialist

Tearra Sheidler Read Bio

Tearra SheidlerData Management Specialist

Business Operations

Rima Woo hexagon cutout Read Bio

Rima WooChief Administrative Officer

Cristina Parker Read Bio

Cristina ParkerPersonnel Manager

Headshot of Aja Pendersen Read Bio

Aja PedersenAdministrative Coordinator



Melinda Langdon Read Bio

Melinda LangdonDirector of Marketing and Communications

Headshot of Michelle Palacino Read Bio

Michelle PalacinoMarketing Specialist

Headshot of Jennifer Keeler Read Bio

Jennifer KeelerCommunications Specialist

Brooke Bondi Read Bio

Brooke BondiMarketing Coordinator


John Pennant Read Bio

John PennantSenior Director of Philanthropy