It’s personal

For us, The fight against Brain cancer is personal

For many of our doctors, researchers and nurses, the fight against glioblastoma and other aggressive brain tumors is personal. Whether they have been impacted by the loss of a parent, sibling or friend, every patient that walks through our doors is a reminder of the personal loss they have suffered at the hands of this disease. Their life’s work is now dedicated to ensuring others in the future won’t have to succumb to the same fate as their loved ones.

It’s more than just data and science. For us, it’s personal.

My sister died of brain tumor. We didn’t win that war and we need to do everything we can for all those who might get this diagnosis in the future.

Dr. Michael T. Lawton
CEO and President, Barrow Neurological Institute

I see patients day in and day out going through that same fight. Each time it’s a chance for the work that we’re doing to move the needle for this terrible disease.

Dr. Zaman Mirzadeh
Neurosurgeon, Ivy Brain Tumor Center

Why is this fight personal to you?

Storytelling is a powerful mechanism for inspiring change and activating communities. Whether you’re a patient, caregiver, loved one or donor, sharing your personal story can help people understand the pain and challenges those impacted by glioblastoma face due to this disease.   

Share your story on social media using the hashtag #itspersonal and tag the Ivy Brain Tumor Center. We will share as many as we can to support this movement as we work to build awareness and help those suffering from glioblastoma.

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