Tovmasyan Laboratory


As the leader of the Pharmacokinetics (PK) Core at the Ivy Brain Tumor Center, our laboratory  is established to provide state-of-the-art analytical platform for services and a broad range of pharmacological and pharmaceutical expertise critical in conducting clinical research. The Ivy Center hosts the largest number of Phase 0 clinical trials for brain tumor patients in the world and the results obtained in the PK Core within each ongoing clinical trial, along with the data received from Pharmacodynamics (PD) Core,  will enable physicians to directly implement the most efficient regimens for brain tumor treatment. Such an approach is distinctly different from conventional clinical trials and is based on personalized precision medicine, where each patient has the unique prospect of receiving individualized therapeutic, therapeutic dose and schedule based on the results received from PK/PD Cores.


The Tovmasyan Laboratory also offers its services to investigators worldwide  conducting preclinical research in the biomedical field, such as drug discovery, medicinal chemistry, drug distribution, metabolism, etc. The Lab will assist with small-molecule research in preclinical studies providing services in assessment and design of preclinical PK studies for experimental drugs, collection and processing of biospecimens including cells, biofluids (blood, plasma, saliva, urine, CSF, etc.) and tissues, development, validation and implementation of analytical methods for drugs, drug metabolites, and biomarkers, data analysis and interpretation, publishing guidance, and assistance with grant applications. 

The Tovmasyan Laboratory  is equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation for sample processing and storage (vacuum concentrator (Labconco), centrifuges (Eppendorf 5804R, 5427R, 5404R), homogenizers (Omni Bead Ruptor Elite 24 and Pro-Scientific SB-1 Silent Brushless Digital), -30oC and -80oC freezers, sonicators, incubators, mixers, shakers, water bath), bio-analytical (AB SCIEX QTRAP 6500+ QTrap interfaced with a SHIMADZU Exion UHPLC system and associated AnalystTM software for operation and data analysis, system control and data acquisition/processing) and computational software WinNonlin (Certara USA, Inc., Princeton, NJ). Such leading-edge platform enables PK Lab to perform innovative research and complex analyses and to ensure specific, sensitive, reliable, and reproducible measurements for clinical and preclinical studies. 

Lab Members

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Tigran Margaryan, PhDPostdoctoral Fellow

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William KnightResearch Technician

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Mackenna ElliottResearch Technician



Job Openings

Postdoctoral Associate

We are looking for an individual to join the PK Lab team as a postdoctoral associate. The candidate should have a strong background in chemical/pharmaceutical sciences with a reasonable working knowledge in translational research. Candidates who have experience in LC-MS/MS-based method development/validation and can demonstrate competency in pharmacokinetic data analysis will be preferred. The candidate should be highly motivated, able to work well in teams, and have excellent communication skills. Potential areas of application include: drug PK, brain targeting, organic, medicinal or analytical chemistry, instrumental method development and validation, biomarker analysis, drug metabolism, PK analysis and modeling.

Research Technician I

The Pharmacokinetics (PK) Core Laboratory is currently in the process of CAP/CLIA certification and will be supporting healthcare professionals and patients in health management through accurate, precise and state of the art testing. We are looking for a Research Technician I to join the PK Core Laboratory team to perform UHPLC and LC-MS/MS analysis of preclinical and clinical samples. This position is responsible for the receipt, organization, testing, and reporting of daily preclinical and patient specimens in a drug PK core laboratory. The research technician will adhere to protocols and quality measures while performing sample preparation and analyzing preclinical and patient results.