Tien Laboratory

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We actively pursue new drug combination clinical trials for brain tumor patients. The newly developed Phase 0 platform combined with precision medicine allows us to understand pharmacodynamic endpoints in the tumor, providing insights for overcoming the brain-blood barrier and drug target inhibition. The newly established Ivy Pharmacodynamics Core is CLIA-certified where our assays and biosamples are validated and carefully monitored to provide trustworthy clinical quality results. Our long-term goal is to understand cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying glioma formation, thereby speeding current drug discovery processes for glioma treatment in patients.

Current Research

Some of the ongoing projects are focused on addressing following:

  1. Biomarker and genomic analyses with next generation sequencing (IvySeq) to provide personalized enrollment recommendation.
  2. Pharmacodynamic analysis to assess treatment response and target modulation.
  3. Understanding resistance mechanisms of targeted inhibitors underlying disease progression.

Lab Members

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YuWei Chang, PhDPostdoctoral Fellow

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Chelsea Pennington-KrygierResearch Technician

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Anita DeSantisResearch Technician

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Jennifer MolloyResearch Technician










Research Technician

Our multidisciplinary team of brain tumor specialists and scientists are accelerating drug discovery and precision medicine in neuro-oncology to identify the most promising first-in-class therapies for brain tumor patients. Candidates with experience in preclinical studies are desirable. Prior experience in conducting molecular biology or genetic aassays and knowledge of signal transduction and oncogenic pathways is preferred.