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The Ivy Brain Tumor Center’s collective efforts in clinical trials, basic science research, and patient outreach demands a team approach. We welcome everyone from the community of patients, caregivers, students, volunteers, health professionals, local organizers, sponsors, fundraisers, and more. If you share our passion for finding a cure, please consider donating your time and resources to the team.

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Industry Drug Development

If you represent a biotech or pharmaceutical company with investigational agents that may be appropriate for the brain tumor patient population, please let us know if you would like to explore a partnership with the Ivy Brain Tumor Center. Our Center’s experience with corporate partnerships for early-phase clinical trials ranges from smaller, privately-held companies to multinational corporations. Our multidisciplinary team is expert in both preclinical and clinical drug development for brain tumors, providing cutting-edge solutions to common challenges facing drug discovery and development. We understand the market for this patient population and can help accelerate your timeline. Please contact Dr. Nader Sanai, Director of the Ivy Brain Tumor Center, at to explore opportunities for partnership.

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Young Investigators

While the majority of our scientific team are at the postdoctoral level and beyond, a limited number of research internships are available for undergraduate and graduate students. Candidates must dedicate substantial time to laboratory research over a minimum of 3-6 months. Prior experience in basic science research relevant to cancer drug development is recommended. High school student opportunities are more limited and evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Research fellowship applications from clinicians and neurosurgeons are also accepted and require a 1-year minimum commitment, as well as a competitive curriculum vitae. Please send your inquiry, including a curriculum vitae and a 300-word narrative of your career trajectory, to Dr. Nader Sanai, Director of the Ivy Brain Tumor Center, at

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Patient Support Groups

As part of the Ivy Brain Tumor Center’s mission to support brain tumor patients, we are expanding the services available to the local and regional community of patients and caregivers. New services will include specialized support groups, financial counseling, social work, and telemedicine consultations. Our patient navigators are experienced with the challenges that brain tumor patients face, particularly when they are participating in a clinical trial. Please contact our Lead Nurse Navigator, Jaclyn Garcia, at or Lanette Veres at to learn more.

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The Ivy Brain Tumor Center is a nonprofit research venture that depends upon both federal and non-federal funding mechanisms to support its mission. Partnership with Foundations that have an interest in brain tumor patients and brain tumor research can occur along several lines, including scientific collaboration, study sponsorship, and patient education. Please contact Dr. Nader Sanai, Director of the Ivy Brain Tumor Center, at to explore the opportunities for partnership.

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