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Clinical Trials Q&A Roundtable

  • May 27, 2021
  • 12:00 - 1:00pm
  • Seminar

Join the Ivy Brain Tumor Center for a Q&A Roundtable in an effort to bring awareness to the importance of clinical trials and their role in advancing the development of new treatments for brain tumor patients.

Unlike other cancers which have various treatment options, brain cancer has seen very little progress in the last few decades. The current standard of care for patients with high-grade gliomas has limited effectiveness and a second line has not been established.

The way to bring new therapies to patients that will increase survival and contribute to a cure is through clinical trials.

With a conventional clinical trial it can take months to learn if the new therapy is effective. The problem is this is an investment of time that brain tumor patients simply don’t have.

At the Ivy Brain Tumor Center, all of our studies integrate a unique Phase 0 clinical trial design. This method allows us to quickly test dozens of new therapies not just in a laboratory, but on actual brain tumor patients where we can identify new drug regimens that fit their exact circumstances.

Our team of brain tumor experts will spend this hour answering the most common questions surrounding the Ivy Phase 0 approach and discussing our latest clinical trials, including a first-in-human study of non-invasive sonodynamic therapy, the first Phase 0 trial for newly diagnosed glioblastoma patients and a lineup of upcoming studies aimed at increasing the efficacy of radiation therapy.

Hear from: 
  • Nader Sanai, MD, Director
  • Shwetal Mehta, PhD, Chief Operating Officer 
  • Jocelyn Harmon, Clinical Operations Manager 
  • Zaman Mirzadeh, MD, PhD, Neurosurgeon
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Nader Sanai, MD
Shwetal Mehta, PhD
Shwetal Mehta, PhD
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Charlene Robinson
Zaman Mirzadeh
Zaman Mirzadeh, MD