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We actively pursue new drug combination clinical trials for brain tumor patients. The newly developed Phase 0 platform combined with precision medicine allows us to understand pharmacodynamic endpoints in the tumor, providing insights for overcoming the brain-blood barrier and drug target inhibition. The newly established Ivy Pharmacodynamics Core is CLIA-certified where our assays and biosamples are validated and carefully monitored to provide trustworthy clinical quality results. Our long-term goal is to understand cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying glioma formation, thereby speeding current drug discovery processes for glioma treatment in patients.

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Lab Members

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YuWei Chang, PhDPostdoctoral Fellow

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Chelsea Pennington-KrygierCLIA Lab Manager, Research Tech

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Anita DeSantisResearch Technician

Current and Published Research

  • An-Chi Tien, Jing Li, Xun Bao, Alanna DeRogatis, Seongho Kim, Shwetal Mehta and Nader Sanai (2019) A Phase 0 Trial of Ribociclib in Recurrent Glioblastoma Patients Incorporating a Tumor Pharmacodynamic- and Pharmacokinetic-Guided Expansion Cohort. Clinical Cancer Research (in press).
  • Amelie Griveau, Giorgio Seano, Samuel J Shelton, Arman Jahangiri, Kirsten Obernier, Olle R Lindberg, Robert Kupp, Itay Tirosh, Tracy J Yuen, An-Chi Tien, Jennifer K Sabo, Nancy Wang, Shanmugarajan Krishnan, Jonas Kloepper, Louis Larrouquere, Emmanuelle Huillard, Michael C Oldham, Anders I Persson, William A Weiss, Tracy T Batchelor, Anat Stemmer-Rachamimov, Arturo Alvarez-Buylla, Joanna J Phillips, Manish Aghi, Mario L Suva, Shwetal Mehta, Rakesh K Jain and David H Rowitch (2018) A glial signature and Wnt7 signaling regulates glioma-vascular interactions and tumor microenvironment Cancer Cell 33, 874-8.
  • Jing Zhou*, An-Chi Tien*, John A Alberta, Scott B Ficarro, Amelie Griveau, Yu Sun, Janhavee S Deshpande, Joseph D Card, Meghan Morgan-Smith, Wojciech Michowski, Rintaro Hashizume, C David James, Keith L Ligon, William D Snider, Peter Sicinski, Jarrod A Marto, David H Rowitch, Charles D Stiles (2017) A sequentially priming phosphorylation cascade activates the gliomagenic transcription factor Olig2 Cell Reports 18, 3167-77 (* Equal contribution)
  • Robert Kupp, Lior Shtayer, An-Chi Tien, Emily Szeto, Nader Sanai, Daveid H. Rowitch, Shwetal Mehta (2016) Lineage-restricted Olig2-RTK signaling governs the molecular subtype of glioma stem-like cells Cell Reports 16, 2838-45
  • Hui-Hsin Tsai, Roeben Munji, Dimitrios Davalos, An-Chi Tien, Calvin Kuo, Jonah R. Chan, Richard Daneman, Stephen P.J. Fancy (2016) Oligodendrocyte precursors migrate along vasculature in the developing nervous system. Science 351, 379-84
  • Shi-Bing Yang, An-Chi Tien, Gayatri Boddupalli, Allison W. Xu, Yuh Nung Jan, Lily Yeh Jan (2012) Rapamycin ameliorates age-dependent obesity associated with increased mTOR signaling in hypothalamic POMC neurons. Neuron 75, 425-36
  • An-Chi Tien*, Hui-Hsin Tsai*, Anna Molofsky, Martin McMahon, Lynette Foo, Aparna Kaul, David H. Gutmann, Ben A. Barres and David H. Rowitch (2012) Temporal-spatial regulation of astrocyte precursor cell proliferation by BRAF signaling in mammalian spinal cord. Development 139, 2477-87 (* Equal contribution)
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