Join the fight against brain cancer

If you would like to mail in a gift, please make checks payable to:

Barrow Neurological Foundation IBTC
2910 North 3rd Avenue
Suite 450
Phoenix, AZ 85013

Why Giving Matters

Support from individuals and families allows the Ivy Brain Tumor Center to advance research, improve treatments, and ultimately work to find a cure for brain tumors. Additionally, gifts also provide patient education and enhanced patient care. As a donor, you will join a unique and incredible community of people who not only vary in age but in nationality and economic background.

Some regular donors are former patients of Barrow Neurological Institute, some may have had a friend or family member who received exceptional care, and some are simply people that want the very best for their community. While unique in their own ways, every donor shares a common and commendable trait of generosity that allows Barrow to stay at the leading edge of neuroscience.

Ways to Give

There are many ways that a person can become an Ivy Center supporter.

  • Making a donation of any amount is a valuable way to assist in funding research and innovation.
  • Another option is to honor someone by making a tribute gift in celebration of an event, such as a birth, anniversary, or another occasion.
  • Planned giving is another alternative, and involves someone committing to donate a predetermined gift amount upon his or her passing.
  • Lastly, hosting fundraisers is a great way to not only raise money for research and medical care but also to create awareness of current needs and issues that require attention in order to continue advancements in progress.

How to Help

For information on how you can become a supporter of the Ivy Brain Tumor Center, please contact the Barrow Neurological Foundation by calling (602) 406-3041. You may also visit to make a gift online.