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Clinical Scientists

Michelle Felicella, MD
Dr. Michelle Felicella is a neuropathologist and surgical pathologist at the Barrow Neurological Institute. She is board certified in neuropathology...
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Lee Rogers, MD
Dr. Lee Rogers received his undergraduate degree from Brigham Young University and his medical doctorate at the University of Kentucky....
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Igor Barani, MD
Dr. Igor Barani is the Director of the Division of Neuro-Radiation Oncology at the Barrow Neurological Institute. He is board...
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Kelly Braun, MD
As a clinical neuro-oncologist at Ivy Brain Tumor Center, Dr. Braun has the unique perspective of both a skilled clinician and a brain tumor patient.
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Amir Azadi, MD
Dr. Amir Azadi earned his medical degree from Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences in Tehran, Iran. He completed his...
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